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We call ourselves The Prairie Gypsies; a name we believe portrays the essence of where we live and who we are.

One day in between garden parties and corporate lunches, with armloads of fresh basil from our gardens, our food line was born. After weeks of making load after load of fresh basil pesto, which we use daily in our signature appetizers and pizzas, the idea dawned that maybe this herb could take us on a different path...jelly! We were curious, not afraid to try anything and our trial and error yielded Apple Basil Jelly.

This jelly set the precedent for what was to come...sweet, garden fresh and very versatile as an ingredient in some of our favorite recipes.

So, not only do we cater everything from business lunches to weddings, we now manufacture and market a wonderful selection of homemade jams and jellies, fruit butters, mustards and two salad dressings. You can find our products in gourmet specialty and gift stores all across the country and, not coincidentally, in many of the great catered and carryout entrees, desserts, and salads we offer for sale daily.

Why, with the demands of a thriving catering and carryout business, do we take the time to make jelly, mustards and salad dressings? Because of the world of opportunity that opens when one uses fine ingredients to cook. Some of our best menu items feature our own products. The best news is we share the recipes developed specifically around these products, which not only means a great leap for our catering repertoire, but extended use and great joy to all who buy our products. Just check out our recipes on this very website. In the meantime, enjoy our products and the services we offer. We appreciate your business!

We are open Monday-Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday
11 a.m. to 4 p.m., closed on Sunday.

Featured Products
Cherry B Gypsy
The Parmesan Gypsy
This has been our signature house vinaigrette for years in our catering business.
$7.95 Order
Prairie Fire Jam
Prairie Fire Jam
Prairie Fire, the newest member to our jam/jelly family, made to salute the state of Oklahoma Centennial. A delightful blend of five berries and jalapeno peppers. Use it to make sauces, glaze meats or bake in a dessert bar.
$7.50 Order
Stawberry Lavender Jam
Blackberry Sage Jelly
Slather it liberally on toast in the morning or give your peanut butter sandwich a new twist.
$6.95 Order