Wedding reception catering requires extra planning and attention. That's why we at The Prairie Gypsies encourage and offer a free first-time consultation sit-down appointment so we can discuss your expectations. We have done hundreds of wedding receptions, indoors and out, with wonderful results and we can do the same for you.

Before you make an appointment with any caterer to discuss your wedding catering plans and needs, have answers to these questions:

1. What time of day is your reception taking place?
During the dinner hours of 5-7pm usually means you will have to feed your guests the equivalent of an evening meal. Earlier in the day can be light finger foods...veggies or crudites, cheese and fruit...while later in the evening can go to a bit more substantial fare...skewered meats, tortas, pastas, wraps, etc.

2. Will you be using china or glass plates for your food and cake, real glassware and stemware for your beverages?
This is an option used most often in more formal settings but does require extra catering labor to arrange for rental, cleaning and return. It is acceptable and sometimes preferable to use pretty acrylic plates for food and cake, acrylic cups for wine and/or punch and plastic tumblers for beer and soft drinks if your event will be taking a more casual tone. It also saves money in time and labor.

3. What are you planning to serve for beverages?
The age of your guests has a lot to do with this. Young children want soft drinks and/or punch (as do guests who don't drink alcoholic beverages), older guests may prefer coffee and everyone in between may like a glass of wine, champagne or beer. Serving alcohol means your guests will consume more food, so plan accordingly.

4. Will there be a champagne toast? If so, when?
Upon the arrival of the bride, or before the cutting of the cake? Your catering staff will need to know this so bottles can be opened and glasses poured and passed.

5. Will you require the services of a bartender?

6. Who is serving your cake?
An old school friend?...or the caterer? Will you have a cake service...a pretty knife and spatula...or does your caterer need to provide?

7. Does the reception facility have a kitchen? Does it have a sink with running water, a working oven, refrigeration, an ice machine? If it doesn't have much counter space, are there tables that can be set up for food preparation?
The size and availability of a kitchen and/or food prep area is important in determining what kind of food can be served as well as what size of staff is required. If there is no sink or running water and you plan on using rental china...then all dishes must be returned either dirty or to the caterer's kitchen...this means more labor, more money.

8. What else will you need the caterer to do, besides providing the food?
As with other caterers, The Prairie Gypsies will provide services above and beyond the preparation and delivery of food. We have a roster of very skilled wait staff to assist in setting up tables, lighting candles, moving chairs and so on. From the beginning, you must have an idea of what is required so that adequate staff can be hired. Staff must be hired to deliver and set-up the food, replenish, remove and clean up. If there are extra duties, there must be extra staff.

9. What time does the reception end?
It usually ends with the departure of the newlyweds. Let your caterer know approximately what time this will be and how long you wish food to be left out before clean-up begins. There is a set rate for staff for an six-hour period which begins with the arrival of the food and ends when clean-up is completed. Longer than six hours will mean more labor cost to you.

The Prairie Gypsies would love to visit with you about your wedding plans. We ask that you make an appointment so that we can set aside some time to hear your ideas and offer our own. Our first visit is free of charge at which time you will receive an estimate of cost based on your needs and what is discussed. Additional consultations require an additional fee.

To book "firm" and hold a date on our calendar, we require a $500 deposit; once a menu is set and duties are outlined, we require a deposit of 1/3 of the entire cost (against which we apply the initial $500). This will constitute an agreement that we hold the date and do not accept any other work which will overbook it. This is why these deposits are non-refundable in the event your reception is cancelled. This is standard catering practice so consider your options carefully before writing a check.

The balance is due on or before the event. We accept checks and most major credit cards.

We hope this has been helpful in getting your plans started. Think now on what kind of food you would like to serve...

Click here for menu ideas.

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