Daily Entrées

Full Menus for week of August 19, 2019:


Entree: Spinach Artichoke Chicken Pasta
Our own spinach artichoke dip whisked into Alfredo sauce tossed with pasta, topped with grilled chicken, garnished with chopped grape tomatoes, bacon bits and parmesan cheese.

Soup: No Soup Today
Limited soups this week!

Entree: BBQ Brisket with Creamy Pepper Jack Mashed Potatoes
Smoked BBQ brisket with creamy pepper jack mashed potatoes and a yeast roll.

Soup: Chicken Olive
(chunked chicken, green & black olive, onion, peas, carrot, cream)

Entree: Keto Greek Chicken and Rice
Chicken breast served with brown rice, and lovely Greek seasoning, red wine vinegar, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, and lemon. So healthy and delicious.

Soup: North Woods Bean
(carrots, onion, garlic, kielbasa, chicken broth, white beans, spinach and Italian seasonings)

Entree: Santa Fe Meatloaf
Onion, bell pepper, chili powder, cumin, garlic and chipotle chilies mixed with lean ground turkey, breadcrumbs, salsa, oregano, bacon, and egg, baked with a surprise layer of colby jack cheese in the center...served with mashed potatoes laced with corn and green onion.

Soup: Gypsies Creamy Tortilla
(thick and rich with lots of jack-cheddar cheese, cream, jalapenos, tomatoes, green chilies, chicken breast meat, garlic, chili powder, cumin and cayenne)

Entree: There's a Pig in the Beanfield
(Our house made pizza with our black bean and corn salsa, pepper jack, mozzarella and smoked sausage)

Soup: No soup today! It's summer!
During the summer months we will make soup less often. Keep an eye on the daily offerings or drop by to peruse the freezer selection.

not available

not available

* Means dish has 30% or less total fat content.
Featured Products
Cherry B Gypsy
The Parmesan Gypsy
This has been our signature house vinaigrette for years in our catering business.
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Prairie Fire Jam
Prairie Fire Jam
Prairie Fire, the newest member to our jam/jelly family, made to salute the state of Oklahoma Centennial. A delightful blend of five berries and jalapeno peppers. Use it to make sauces, glaze meats or bake in a dessert bar.
$7.50 Order
Stawberry Lavender Jam
Blackberry Sage Jelly
Slather it liberally on toast in the morning or give your peanut butter sandwich a new twist.
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